Yoga Journal: How Living in a Tiny Home Might Make You More Present

“Buyers are also seeking a simpler lifestyle and more time to enjoy their loved ones or soulful desires,” says Byron Fears, a Colorado-based tiny-home builder. That’s certainly true for John Cole, a 25-year-old yoga teacher, who just moved into his own 200-square-foot dream home–complete with a dedicated yoga area. “The tiny-home movement is very yogic,” says Cole. “Decluttering and cleanliness are required, and not having the same kind of financial overhead allows me to really live in the moment and do what brings me the most joy.”

Wondering if Tadasana is the only pose Cole will be able to practice in his minimal space? “There’s actually plenty of room to roll out my yoga mat to practice and meditate,” he says. In fact, there’s even enough room for Cole’s live-in girlfriend — and the couple’s pet bunny — to practice beside him. “Yoga teaches us that we already have everything we need to be happy; living in a tiny home is a nice reminder of that truth,” he says.

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