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The first car I remember my parents owning was a red VW camper. I was so sad when my dad traded it in on a Toyota station wagon. Yuck.

The worst part was that he eventually gave me that wagon. Oh my god… how that would have been so much cooler. I would probably still have it today.

I think a lot of us are nostalgic for those old campers, the raw feeling of riding in them, the funky smells, and powerless driving. But there are still lots of people trying to live the #vanlife in those old (and some newer) campers.

Below are a bunch of photos from folks using them full time and on weekends. In any case I bet there are some of you that still wonder what it would be like to super downsize into a VW camper. We can dream!

The sources of the photos on Instagram are all cited below the photos. Go check them out!


Below… Woof! (translation, can I sit on your lap and steer?) Kids! (remember when we used to do that!).


Perfectly lived in…


VW bus, the definition of happiness. I remember feeling just like that!


Ready yet?


Weekends or full-time… make #vanlife what you like, or need.

@braedin @madisonwilliamz @ryanmagdanz

Beach bus. Bus on beach.


Nap time can be anytime.


So many days at the beach. Looks my Dad’s old van – except that one was red.


On the sand.


Old and young(er).


Ready to roll.


Native land.


Slumber time. That surf board must be exhausted.


Star gazing.


Weird… wearing Christmas lights? Uh… ok…


Desert adventures might be a little tough in those old air cooled busses.


Sleep inside or under the stars, your choice.


Just chilling. Now where’s the beer?


Travel the universe.


Travel with friends.


Travel alone.


Discover each other.


Rolling, rolling, rolling…


Drive, camp, surf – repeat.


Perfect surfer van.


 VW bus… we’ll see you in our dreams… or maybe start searching craigslist and eBay!!!



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