Vote for America's Best Sandwiches, Round 3

Cast your ballot for more tasty sandwiches in 10 U.S. states

There’s something simple and satisfying about a good sandwich, one of the most ubiquitous American foods. 10Best and Sandwich America are out to find the best iconic sandwiches in 10 more U.S. states from coast to coast. 

With the help of The Food Channel and panels of local food writers, we’ve nominated 20 stellar sandwiches per state, and now it’s your turn to vote. You can cast your ballot once per day in each category until voting ends on Monday, February 27 at noon ET. This third batch of winning sandwiches will be announced on Friday, March 3.

Best BBQ Chicken Sandwich in Alabama

While you can find just about any style of ‘cue you could imagine in Alabama, the Heart of Dixie is perhaps most famous for its smoked chicken, often served with a tangy white barbecue sauce made from mayonnaise, cider vinegar and spices – the brainchild of one of our nominees, Big Bob Gibson.

So which barbecue joint makes the best chicken sandwich in the state?

Vote Now: Best BBQ Chicken Sandwich in Alabama

Best BBQ Pork Sandwich in South Carolina

Many enthusiasts consider South Carolina the birthplace of barbecue, where pit masters have been smoking meats – predominantly pork – low and slow for generations. When you order a BBQ pork sandwich in the Palmetto State, you have a big decision to make: what type of sauce to choose. South Carolina has four of them, a sweet and tangy mustard-based sauce, the original vinegar and pepper sauce, a light tomato sauce and a heavier tomato sauce much like the sauces you’d find throughout the country. Some joints also offer the white sauce most popular in Alabama.

Vote Now: Best BBQ Pork Sandwich in South Carolina

Best Biscuit Sandwich in Tennessee

Sandwiches in Tennessee are best served on one of the state’s most celebrated foods, the biscuit. This humble version of bread became popular just before the Civil War, when yeast was expensive so cooks made do without it. A firmer texture than a traditional slice of bread makes the biscuit perfect vehicle for gravy, among other toppings.

Vote Now: Best Biscuit Sandwich in Tennessee

Best Bison Burger in Wyoming

The bison has long been an important food source for the people of the American plains. It’s also the state mammal of Wyoming. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the state is famous for its steakhouses, but not just because of the beef served. Hungry travelers will often find game meats, like elk and bison on menus across the state, often in burger form.

Vote Now: Best Bison Burger in Wyoming

Best Country Ham Sandwich in Virginia

Do a Google image search for the word ‘sandwich,’ and a majority of the results will show some variation of a ham sandwich – perhaps the most quintessential sandwich of them all. While you can find a ham sandwich just about anywhere, there’s one state that excels at them, and that state is Virginia. 

Vote Now: Best Country Ham Sandwich in Virginia

Best Monte Cristo in New Hampshire

A variation of the French croque-monsieur sandwich, the Monte Cristo is a delightful marriage between savory and sweet. A mix between a ham and turkey sandwich and French toast, this sandwich is often batter-dipped and either deep-fried or grilled, and garnished with powdered sugar. In many states, you might find a ramekin of fruit preserves served alongside this sandwich, but in New Hampshire, state-made maple syrup is the more popular choice. 

Vote Now: Best Monte Cristo in New Hampshire

Best Pepperoni Roll in West Virginia

The pepperoni roll was first crafted by Giuseppe Argiro, who came from Italy to work in the West Virginia coal mines near Clarksburg. Giuseppe noticed that many immigrant miners would eat a slice of bread with some pepperoni on top for a quick lunch, and he decided to try baking the pepperoni right into the bread. A legend was born.

Vote Now: Best Pepperoni Roll in West Virginia

Best Polish Boy in Ohio

Not to be confused with the po’ boy in Louisiana, this Polish Boy is a Cleveland original. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact origins of this Ohio sandwich, but however it popped into existence, it’s since been lauded by chefs and food writers from around the country. 

Originally a simple kielbasa (Polish sausage) on a bun, the Polish Boy has evolved to include a generous topping of french fries, cole slaw and barbecue sauce – a finger-licking-good handheld meal.

Vote Now: Best Polish Boy in Ohio

Best Reindeer Sandwich in Alaska

When in Alaska, eat reindeer! While not actually native to Alaska (they were brought from Siberia), they have long been an important food source in the state. Most Alaskans no longer rely on reindeer or other game meats for sustenance, but you can still sample some reindeer yourself in the form of a sausage, burger or even a cheesesteak-style sandwich.

Vote Now: Best Reindeer Sandwich in Alaska

Best Salmon Sandwich in Washington

The Pacific Northwest region is deservedly famous for its stellar seafood, including the six varieties of Pacific salmon pulled from the waters of Washington State. Chinook, coho and sockeye are the most common and can be cedar planked, smoked (hot or cold), blackened, cured or grilled, and served between two slices of bread.

Vote Now: Best Salmon Sandwich in Washington

Remember, you can vote once per day in each category, so spread the word and rock the vote!

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