Trouble at Tumbleweed

Back when the tiny house movement was new, Tumbleweed was the most widely known tiny house company, and had been originally founded by Jay Shafer. Jay’s business partner back then was Steve Weissmann.  After Jay & Steve had a parting of the ways, Steve continued running and growing the business.

Today we see news that the CNBC will be featuring the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company on the television show “The Profit“, and the story the three preview clips paints isn’t good. The show airs Tuesdays. Check your local listings if you want the full scoop.

Unfortunately the videos aren’t available for embedding here for you to watch… so below I’ve included a short synopsis and links to the video clips on the CNBC website.

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“Tumbleweed Tiny Homes CEO Steve Weissman faces massive issues including a million dollars of debt.” – CNBC

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“Marcus Lemonis accuses this tiny home business owner of running a ‘smoke and mirrors’ operation” – CNBC

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“With his tiny home business floundering, this owner regrets neglecting his family” – CNBC

Looks like a sad story… it will be interesting to see if they can pull through these hard times.

Do you have any experiences with Tumbleweed? Post comments below.

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