Tiny House Jewelry

While making my 3D printed tiny house models, I noticed that the printing vendors, Shapeways, also does precious metals. It seems there are a lot of people designing jewelry with 3D software and having it printed – so I thought I’d try my hand at it.

It’s been about 25 years since I designed any jewelry – and back then we made it by hand – so this was more of a fun experiment. Since the Internet really took off in the early 1990’s I’ve worked there… but before that I was an art student in college (BFA in Ceramics) and was a professional potter before the Internet took off. I also have experience working in jewelry, graphic design, etc… so this seemed like a natural fit to try.

I’m amazed with how well these little items came out. Basically they print it in wax, use a traditional lost wax casting process, and finish them by hand.

If you choose to order some Tiny House Jewelry they are printed on demand, so it takes about 2 weeks to be delivered (at least my order took that long). I’m not sure if the earrings will come with backs or if you’ll need to buy them separately. Shapeways says they include backs for earring posts, but my two sets didn’t come with any.

Below are two large geometric earrings in 14K gold plate.

Large Tiny House Geometric Earrings

Below are to small geometric earrings in polished silver.

Small Tiny House Geometric Earrings

Below is a 3D Geometric Pendant. I made one slight edit since this one was printed and made the skylights a little bigger to allow the ring of the necklace to pass through them instead of the windows. (The necklace is not included.) The other thing you can see is that the inside is not polished – since they can’t get in there with their polishing wheel. I didn’t notice that until I saw this zoomed in photo. This might look even better in raw silver – so I’ve added that as an optional material.

Geometric Tiny House Pendant

See what I’ve come up so far at Shapeways. If you have any ideas for tiny house jewelry post them in the comments below. Thanks!

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