The Bridge Studio – Remote Off-Grid Studio in Newfoundland

Built for the Shorefast Foundation and the Fogo Island Arts Corporation, this 320 square foot art studio sits on the calm waters of an inland pond on Fogo Island. It is one of a number of art studios on the island.

To reach the remote location, a twenty minute walk down a trail is required.  Nearby solar panels provide power. A wood stove provides heat.  Amenities include a composting toilet and high speed internet.

The Bridge Studio was designed by Saunders Architecture and Sheppard Case Architects Inc. (Long Studio). Photos by Bent René Synnevåg. Learn more at ArchDaily.

The Bridge Studio Blue SkyThe Bridge Studio Dramatic ViewsThe Bridge Studio Home AgainThe Bridge Studio in a landscapeThe Bridge Studio Off GridThe Bridge Studio on a PondThe Bridge Studio on a LakeThe Bridge StudioThe Bridge Studio 2

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