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Whenever we find a new piece of camping equipment or outdoor kit that we REALLY love, we’ll add it this Campfire Magazine favourites page. Everything you see here – from barbecues to mosquito repellent – has been tried and tested by the team and is now a permanent part of their essential camping kit. If something let us down after long-term use, it’ll disappear from this page! Click on any camping equipment review to get more details and the latest prices.

Folding smartphone and tablet travel chargers, and an international set too. Very neat.

Ticket to the Moon hammock Campfire Magazine

Light and well-designed hammocks by Ticket to the Moon. They fold up nearly into their own attached bag and come with easy hanging straps. There’s a matching mosquito net too.

folding table

Stable, lightweight, cheap, not fiddly…what more could you want. Perfect camping table for two.

Water wipes wet

No shower? No worries. We always take a couple of packs of these totally natural Water Wipes. Not dear, either

Vaude Finsuit

Our favourite sleeping bag – it doubles as a blanket/quilt and even a wrap. The Vaude Finsuit is soft, warm, versatile and really well-designed.

RISA electric ukulele travel instrument Campfire Magazine

The RISA tenor ukulele. Silent when not plugged in for on-site practising. Not your everyday camping essential maybe, but a lot of fun and a conversation starter on any campsite!

Lotus Grill barbecue Campfire Magazine

The best barbecue we’ve found. The Lotus Grill. Have a look at our review.

Sureflap automatic cat dog feeder Campfire Magazine

A pet lifesaver. This SureFlap feeder only opens for the cat it’s meant to feed! Interlopers from next-door will have to go hungry. Cat-sitters or visiting pet-carers don’t always know who’s actually getting the food they put down. This ensures your cat gets the food intended for him. Works fantastically well and it’s all a bit Star Trek.

Green Decore camping picnic outdoor rug Campfire Magazine

The Green Decore rugs are made from recycled plastic and come in lots of colours. You can use them on wet grass, muddy campsites…wherever. Soft enough to be nice to lie on, and in lots of sizes for inside and out. That’s the tarp in use too (see below).

Isosteel thermos BPA free drink flask Campfire Magazine

Simple and perfect. The Isosteel 0.9l flask is as minimal as you can get. Good value and no bits to go wrong. We tested it thoroughly. Water hot enough to make tea after six hours; drinks still enjoyable after 18 hours.

Joseph Joseph Kuhn Rikon safety chef knives Campfire Magazine

Kuhn Rikon’s knives with safety cover. We think we might be starting to prefer the Joseph Joseph knives that also have a sharpener in the safety cover, but the KR ones are smaller for packing.

Incognito natural insect mosquito repellent Campfire Magazine

All natural Incognito keeps everything nasty away. Mosquito repellent range that’s a bit kinder on the skin. We’ve tested it in some buggy places!

Cadac camping stove barbecue Campfire Magazine

Cadac camp stove. Our favourite gas cooker. Very efficient, packs away nicely and has lots of options for cooking styles – from pizza stone to seared steak griddle plate.

Exped Comfort 10 self inflating camping mattress Campfire Magazine

Super-comfy self-inflating Exped 10s. Not a cheap camping mat, but big, well-insulated, good at inflating itself and lovely to lie on.

Simplehuman canisters stainless steel storage Campfire Magazine

Simplehuman sleek canisters. A range of sizes and pull-out plastic inserts to make them easy to use and clean. Keep the ants out!

Small camping stove Campingaz bivouac Campfire Magazine

We love our neat Campingaz Bivouac. Small and effective. Been using it for years and years.

Best camping chair Coleman Deck Chair Campfire Magazine

We searched long and hard for a supportive camping chair. The Coleman Deck Chair has a string back, a no-sag seat and is super light. Comes in khaki and cream.

Charcoal camping stove Cobb barbecue Campfire Magazine

The Cobb is a great outdoor ‘cobblestone’ or charcoal-fuelled cooker. Not the best barbecue, but very versatile for other types of cooking. Have a look at our review

Best camping fridge coolbox Waeco Campfire Magazine

Waeco CDF25 camping compressor fridge. It even freezes! Updated now to the CF range, which is even better. Or go for the bigger and EVEN better CFX range. See our camping fridge guide and review

Samsonite best toilet bag Campfire Magazine

A Samsonite toilet bag for hanging in the trees. Capacious and sturdy. (Works behind a shower door too, by the way!)

Wood-burning camping tent stove Anevay Frontier Campfire Magazine

Fabulous Frontier wood-burning stove. It all packs down into a small bag, you can cook on it and keep warm. The water heater (the silver bit in the picture) is brilliant and there are kits so you can use it inside a bell tent. See our wood-burning stove feature here.

iSmart Keep security wifi camera

The iSmart Keep wifi security camera sends alerts to your phone when it detects sound or motion and lets you see what’s happening at home. Peace of mind when camping.

Proporta headphone cable magnetic tidy Campfire Magazine

Tidy cables – a simple magnetic clasp for headphones and charger cables. Bye bye tangles. We use them for all sorts of other bits and pieces.

Black Blum lunch box bamboo Campfire Magazine

Sooo pretty and very clever too. This Black+Blum sandwich box has an aluminium body and a bamboo lid/cutting board. Watch out for the sharp lip under the plastic seal, though!

Quechua best camping tarp Campfire Magazine

A tarp. Nothing fancy, just a very versatile piece of kit. String it up from a tree, attach it to your tent, use it as a shade, an extra dining area, a rain shelter. We’ve got a feature on tarps here too.

Black Blum lunch box bag picnic mat Campfire Magazine

Forget the box. Just keep this Black + Blum bag/mat with essential cutlery inside and open up anywhere for mess-free picnics (sized for one, two at a push).

Equip waterless camping hiking wash wipes Campfire Magazine

Equip waterless washes – there are mitts, large wipes and even a shampoo and conditioner cap that will keep you clean without access to a shower or running water. We were dubious, but now rely on them quite a bit. Waterwipes are excellent and completely pure too, but not so big or cleansing.

Happy Going toilet roll holder waterproof Campfire Magazine

One of our funniest bits of kit…useful too. A waterproof toilet roll holder with built-in light (flashing option!). The Happy Going. Just get one. It’ll make you laugh every time you pack.

Bivvy hammock with mosquito net Campfire Magazine

Horribly expensive, but if you like bivvy camping and want to be above the ground, you’ll like the Exped Ergo. It has a (removeable) built-in mosquito net. Your camping mat slips into a zipped pocket underneath and it all hangs sort of diagonally so that you sleep more or less flat. A cheaper alternative is the double Ticket to the Moon hammock on the right, with the matching mosquito net (looking a bit misshapen here because we’ve added a mat to the hammock to make it more comfortable. A MUCH cheaper option is a standard bivvy hammock.

Ball bungee clips tarp ties Campfire Magazine

And in case we upset Jeff with only going for the most expensive items…these bits and pieces will cost you under a tenner and will change your (camping) life! Use the bungee cords to secure tarps, awnings, bits of flapping tent or for 101 other uses. The green clips fasten on to canvas taps, tents and so on without damaging the fabric and give you more options for securing. We’ve used a combination to make sun shelters, to keep the rain off, to create a market stall backdrop, to cover stuff in a trailer…..and more.

Do you have a favourite piece of camping or outdoor kit that’s always in your packing list? Do let us know in the comments below. There are prizes for camping equipment suggestions that get a thumbs-up from readers!


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