Swanky Shipping Container Home Is The Brilliant Result Of Up-Cycling

Is this a shipping container, or a penthouse?

Well technically, it’s neither. It’s a 2,192-square-foot shipping container house, and it’s further proof that we’re all doing life just plain wrong

The house is in Denver, and it’s made from seven shipping containers, like the kind you’d find hauling cars on a cargo ship. But instead of looking like a pile of abandoned steel inside, this home is impossibly luxurious within. It’s a brilliant result of up-cycling, aka the process of turning discarded materials into something of higher value. In this case, it’s much higher value. Check out the photos below.

LoHi Container house (aka 3538 Pecos Street) is listed through Proform Real Estate, a Denver-based management company, for $749,000. No offers have been made, but agents and potential buyers have shown interest in the property, spokesperson Aaron Weinzapfel told The Huffington Post. In other words, it’s still wide open for us to place a bid.

We can hardly contain our excitement.

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