Preview of Tiny House Scale Model Designs

I’ve been busy drawing miniature scale model tiny house parts… walls, trailers, roofs, and furnishings. Tomorrow I’ll receive the next batch of 3D printed parts and will post a video showing how all these parts fit together. Be sure to be on the lookout for that video. Below are some illustrations of what is coming soon.

Many of the drawings I’ve finished use sprues to connect the pieces, like this simple bathroom set. You just cut them apart. When connected like this it lowers the 3D printing cost.

This is one of four kitchen sets I’ve drawn. It has a mini-fridge, sink with drying cabinet above, a couple of 2′ wide base cabinets (one with a 2 burner hot plate), and a few tall cabinets for storage or closet use.

Scale Model Miniature Tiny House Kitchen

One of the most common furniture pieces in a tiny house is a modular sofa that can be rearranged into a bed for guests. This one is connected by sprues when 3D printed to reduce cost. You just cut away the sprues and arrange the pieces as you like.

Modular Sofa Miniature Scale Model

Some families consider the tiny house option, so I’ve also included a design for a simple bunk bed.

Bunk Bed for Tiny House

Not many tiny homes have four seat tables, but if the house is 20 or 24 feet long, a table this size should work.

Table and 4 chairs tiny house

This next design was fun – and difficult to draw. It should actually slide open and fold up and down – but it’s only 4 cm wide. It’s a full size transforming sofa bed.

Transforming Sofa Bed Tiny House

And now for some stair designs. My plan is to draw full scale plans for each design so folks can build these themselves. The stairs will be sold with their mirror reflection so you can try your floor plan layouts on each side of the house.

Wide Stair Set - 1-48 Tiny House

This next design is an alternating step concept. Theoretically it should take up less floor space, but is actually about the same as the others.

Alternating Step Tansu Stair Set

Here’s a design that includes a laundry unit.

Stairs With Laundry Unit

These wide designs are meant to access a gable roofed tiny house loft. They would make a good divider between the kitchen and living room, but do take up a bit of space – width wiseWide Stair Set for Laundry Unit

An finally a strait stair. This would be best for accessing a loft in a shed roof tiny house but not a gable roofed one.

Strait Tiny House Stairs

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