Protect Your Wealth

You’ve worked hard and have been financially responsible. You’ve lived on less than you’ve made and saved those extra dollars. Let’s safeguard what you’ve built and look at four things that you can… To read more of this, click the article title to see the full post! You can also visit Source link

Tiny House Tour on Maui

You might recognize Amie Tollefsrud – her Colorado Tiny House was featured on Tiny Luxury on HGTV. Since then she and her husband Erik have moved to Maui and now live in a 124 square foot house. They kept their original tiny house and now offer it as a rental. In the video below she …


The View in The Van

Continuing on the van life post from the other day… here are some views inside the van. Did you ever imagine van life being so glamorous and awesome? It’s not always… but it looks like it’s usually a lot of fun and full of adventure. As with the View Out the Van post, these folks …


The View Out the Van

Tiny house living comes in many forms. Many adventurous people are turning to van life – living in a van. Unlike tiny houses, modified vans are highly mobile and can take you anywhere. The only trouble is space – there isn’t much. There isn’t even room to stand in most vans (except those cool Sprinter …