Outback Power takes professional solar training to the road

OutBack Power Technologies, a specialist in off-grid and Grid/Hybrid renewable energy products and systems, announced a two-month roadshow, touring more than 20 cities to deliver the latest in renewable energy technology and training to solar and electrical installers and distributors. Called the Energy Express, the mobile platform brings leading-edge solutions to major cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas, as well as remote and rural areas that uniquely benefit from using renewable sources for independence and self-sufficiency. OutBack Power experts in renewable energy storage installations will deliver training for both residential and commercial applications, to address skills and needs stemming from changing regulatory policies and energy scenarios.

According to the U.S. Energy Administration’s recent “Energy Review,” the key to building a clean energy future is making flexible storage options available. OutBack Power’s Energy Express roadshow will bring energy storage-based system technology directly to distributors and installers, as well as the latest in commercial solar technology for cost-effective business installations. Each roadshow stop will give participants the opportunity to learn how to plan and assemble the typical residential and small commercial balance-of-system components that are the core of a successful solar installation, in a controlled environment.

“Solar is a young industry growing so fast, it’s especially dependent on next-generation technologies to meet changing needs and economic conditions,” said Brandon Provalenko, senior director of commercial for OutBack Power. “We wanted to expand the reach and accelerate the spread of vital new developments that can make solar professionals even more successful and their services more relevant to homes and businesses across the country. What better way to do that than to deliver it right to their doorsteps? We’re looking forward to our Energy Express playing a role in ‘paying solar forward’ for the industry.”

On tour, OutBack Power’s PV/solar energy system experts will cover topics such as important design differences between off-grid and grid-hybrid systems, component selection and system sizing, and tailored solutions for both residential and commercial/small business PV/solar users.

To learn more about OutBack Power’s Energy Express tour and find locations, contact OutBack Power at (360) 435-6030 or check out the tour stops at www.outbackpower.com/energyexpress.

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