Go Tiny and Start Living – The Bruce Bungalow 

Here’s another example of a couple hitting the road for a tiny life. You can find Jeff & Jilian on Instagram at @thebrucebungalow.

They refurbished a 90’s travel trailer for adventure and a tiny life. Less is more – less house provides space for more living because you’re not burdened by stuff, debt, and bills. All photos via @thebrucebungalow.

Above: “Our goal was to make this place as open as possible so we didn’t feel cramped. We took out the dinette & repositioned the bench to make a comfy cozy couch 😊 We love walking into this view, instead of the back of a bench!” – @thebrucebungalow

Simple and stock on the outside – refreshed, clean, and simple on the inside. Plenty of time for home cooking too!

Every night is a three dog night in the bruce bungalow. Woof!

A man who cooks!

Tiny living gives you back time to be together.

Oh yeah, and lots of time for being silly…

…and taking naps…

…and even more time for spending together.

Smile for the camera Jeff!

Oh yeah… and sunsets at the beach. Live the dream and kill your mortgage, downsize, and enjoy life. Life is precious.

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