Enphase makes storage system available to U.S. solar installers

In a recent blog, Enphase said that its storage system is available from Enphase Authorized Distributors throughout the U.S. This comes after the company shipped its AC batteries to Australia and New Zealand last year, and announced its AC battery storage system met NEC 2017 for residential/commercial use last December.

Fully integrated with its home energy solution, Enphase said its energy storage technology offers a simple and cost-effective way to take full control of the energy homeowners produce and consume at home. One person can install and commission the entire system in two hours or less. The system ships in modular 1.2-kWh units so homeowners purchase only the storage they need.

Many homeowners in California, Hawaii, and around the country are switching over to time-of-use utility tariffs that make energy storage a valuable home upgrade. Time-of-use tariffs apply different prices for electricity at different times. Customers might have a high daytime rate when demand for electricity is high and a lower nighttime rate when system-wide consumption has gone down. Rates might also vary seasonally based on energy usage patterns in a particular community.

Enphase said installers input data about local utility rates when commissioning the smart Enphase Storage System so the system maximizes the value of stored energy for customers.

More information is available in a ‘Selling Enphase Storage’ webinar.

Enphase also encourages sharing pictures of installs with Enphase on social media. You can already see pictures and videos of recently completed installations of the Enphase Storage System on its Facebook page.

Information pulled from Enphase blog 

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