DRH Solar Academy provides education for installers and opportunities for manufacturer partnerships

DRH Solar Academy, which provides hands-on solar training, just finished up a week at SOMO, The Solar Mounting and Training Conference which took place last week in Anaheim, California. DRH Solar Academy is an extension of Rancho Cucamonga, California solar installation company DRH Solar and Electric.

In light of an ever-growing need for hands on training in the solar industry, the academy is eager to begin training the next generation of solar installation technicians, while offering advanced training for experienced industry associates. The academy also want to make sure it is representing the major solar equipment manufacturers by presenting and teaching about the products installers sell to the industry.

Installers can partner with the academy to hire and train employees, and take courses from basic solar 101 to PV system operations, maintenance and troubleshooting.

To provide education, DRH asks solar manufacturers to please share product samples/displays of primary products, provide collateral, literature and videos on products and invite uest trainers to present and train on products. Manufacturers are also invited to use its facility to conduct private product training classes for solar installation partners.

For all participating companies, DRH agrees to promote the company and its products through signage within the Academy and its website.

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